The PharmaShaker is developed to reconstitute powder-form cytotoxic drugs automatically and therefore to increase the productivity of your people.

  • The PharmaShaker is driven by a microprocessor controlled stepper-motor to guarantee long lifetime and accurate agitation frequency and duration.
  • The PharmaShaker can accommodate 3 or 6 vials at the same time. For each vial size a vial adapter is available.
  • The PharmaShaker is constructed from materials (PETP, INOX 316) which can resist disinfecting agents like VHP, peracetic acid etc.
  • The PharmaShaker is designed to be placed in LAF units and isolators.
  • The PharmaShaker is placed on self suctioning muffling feet to prevent movement of the shaker during operation and to absorb the vibrations.

The PharmaShaker is available with 3 and 6 vial positions.


Packaging specification: 1 PharmaShaker per box; box dimensions: 55 x 35 x 25 cm; box weight: 4 kg