The PharmaNeedle is a specially developped needle to be used in combination with the PharmaHelp automate and its manipulation software.

The PharmaNeedle reduces significantly contamination compared to manual preparation of drugs (upto factor 10).

The PharmaNeedle was developped in close cooperation with the Geneva University Hospital (prof. Bonnabry and Dr. Farshid Sadheghipour) by using quantitative kinine testing .

Using the PharmaNeedle compared to spike also results in less waste of drugs (higher vial recovery).

The PharmaNeedle can be used for multiple preparations when using the same drug (molecule).


Packaging specification: 250 PharmaNeedles per box (25 blisters with each 10 sterilized PharmaNeedles); box dimensions: 27,5 x 14 x 12,5 cm; box weight: 0.7 kg

Shelf life: 5 years (2014-07 - 2019-07).