PharmaHelp - LAF

Automating oncology preparation

The PharmaHelp machine has been developed by experts to meet the specific needs of Pharmacists in the automated production of personalised medication in hospital pharmacies and compounding centres.

The machine is very compact which makes installation quick and simple. Delivery to first operation can be achieved in a matter of weeks. All parts are easily accessed to achieve thorough cleaning and sanitization.

Pharmahelp is totally computer controlled during operation allowing the operator to attend other tasks or to prepare the next production thus effectively utilising valuable operator time.
Critical safety factors such as fill accuracy, precision, sterility, contamination control and product integrity have all been tested to GMP standards and approved in the practical setting of Fresenius Kabi Compounding Centres.

Features Economics Specification
  • Gravimetric controlled dispensing
  • Electronic record of all production steps
  • Minimal vial and bag contact reduces contamination risk
  • Can be interfaced with Pharmacy computer systems
  • Accurate dosing
  • Doses into bags with attached lines
  • Capable of removing fluid from bag to achieve specific volumes
  • RFID chip control to ensure correct drug and container
  • Easy accessibility for cleaning and maintenance
  • Increased output per compounding Pharmacist
  • Software manages part-used ials for future use
  • Requires fewer high-cost transfer devices
  • Fewer devices means reduced waste disposal cost
  • Utilise expensive clean room facilities more efficiently
  • Reduces risk of injury or cytotoxic exposure to staff
  • Capable of producing up to 35 units per hour (depending on dose complexity)
  • Maximum of 16 preparations per machine run
  • Adaptable to Isolator or LAF cabinet installations
  • Easy and quick to install and start operating
  • Fits in any normal cleanroom
  • Uses standard power outlets
  • Low heat generating


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